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268 pages
Amanda Nelson is dead… She was the mistress of Will Tyron Jr., the world's number 1 golfer. And the daughter of General Boyle, a military advisor to the former President of the United States.
Passion surrounds this woman… Too much passion: she was found buried in a bunker at St Andrews Golf Course, her head bashed in…
"I still shiver when I think back on the start of the investigation… I was quite far from imagining at that time that the investigation would lead me from the Scottish coast, through Georgia and the mugginess of the American South, to a wind-beaten Irish Moor.
And how could I have expected what was going to happen there? My goodness! It was going to be a test of my mettle…"
Archibald Sweeney – Criminal Investigation Department, Edinburgh
"A detective story for anyone who's ever wanted to kill their partner!" (Golf Magazine)
"A mystery story in the best tradition with a well-built plot. A new hero to discover." (
"A captivating detective story!" (Fairways)
"The plot brings together the best American golfers." (Golf Européen)
The French Golf Federation selected “Murder on the Green” as its gift of the year.
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Ebook - Murder on the Green

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